Main Lighting

Lighting is a significant part of operating costs – it represents over 60% of a hy-permarket’s operating costs. Therefore, the efficiency of lighting design is as important as its quality and functionality. The ideal lighting system for all areas that require high levels of uniform illumination are light fixtures attached to a continuous rail system.


The primary goal of ambient lighting is to provide sufficient uniform illumination of the shopping area. Even coverage of the area with light allows any changes in the arrangement of the sale premises. Lighting can be easily adapted by reprogramming light levels and accent lighting for selected goods. Thus, light falls on the individual parts exactly as needed. A well-designed main lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and comfort, which is very necessary from the psychological point of view for happy shopping.


In addition to the presentation function, artificial light must also ensure the safety of the people present. Therefore, where necessary, stores must be equipped with a back-up emergency lighting, or nighttime lighting.
The Prestige quick installation rail system by OMS is a solution perfectly suited to such use. It has got a wide range of accessories of reflectors and grids and enables the implementation of different types of interior lighting installations very easily and efficiently.
Typical features of the Prestige system include:
• quick and simple installation using no tools
• great variability
• high optical system efficiency up to 98% if reflectors are used
• light fixtures installed in a continuousunbroken line
• fast and secure attachment 
• maximum lighting output

The rail system for the continuous installation is ideal for all areas that require high levels of uniform illumination. The Prestige system is designed for FDH (T5) and FD (T8) linear fluorescent tubes, for one- or two-tube versions. Using a suitable choice of internal wiring installed in the load-bearing profile, it is possible to achieve an optimal solution for every application. The wiring is part of the support profile, which allows for reduc- ing the costs of electrical installations. Reflectors can be used for a better orientation of the luminous flux according to customer equirements. Another ad- vantage is the ability to attach lights with a narrow emission angle directly to the support system that is used for accent lighting. The Prestige continuous system can also be equipped with emergency lighting units and power outlet.

Addressable electronic ballasts in the light fixtures enable the division of the entire light fixture system into a number of groups that can be controlled independently of each other. It is a multipurpose, flexible and reliable system.