Osram employees use OMS lighting solution

OMS’ lighting solution decreases energy consumption for one of lighing industry’s market leaders by 50 %

Though German Osram is one of the world’s leading lamp producers, the lighting solution for the cafeteria in its Regensburg headquarters was handed over to Slovak luminaire producer OMS. The fastest growing player in the global lighting industry did not let down its long-term business partner. The custom-made solution has not only reduced energy requirements by half but also provided full lighting control, with higher light output and better colour rendering index.

“This is a logical continuation of a long-term cooperation,” says Ales Markytan from Osram Opto Semicondictors. The strong bond between the German lamp and component producer and the Slovak luminaire manufacturer was forged in the 90s. Osram has become a longtime lamp provider for OMS and the two cooperate closely in the research and development of lighting solutions. For these reasons, Osram chose OMS to provide the illumination solution for its employee cafeteria - where Osram staff replenish their stamina during the workday.

The Osram cafeteria lighting solution used a special optical system called a microprismatic diffuser, which provides homogenous lighting without glare. Every luminaire is equipped with a dimmable LED driver that has full control through the DALI interface. Sufficient illumination together with a high colour rendering index provide a feeling and atmosphere of relaxation.

“The active lighting management and more efficient light sources have decreased energy consumption in the space by half,” said Mr. Markytan. He has high praise for OMS’ work and confirms the Regensburg cooperation will not be their last. Both companies are already working together on the “Brilliant Mix” project, which aims to provide higher quality lighting and the possibility to tune the light colour.

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