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OMS Company has expanded its portfolio by a product range of new luminaires – Architainment.
Building. Park. Residence… Let’s light them up and find the magic in.

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Modul RAZZOR - A new era in innovations

A non-traditional combination of “aesthetic, design and technology“ in one whole. MODUL RAZZOR presents a new-era luminaire for general lighting that combines several technical innovations – the latest generation of LED light sources, the possibility to change the color temperature – the so called tuneable white, the possibility to adjust the curve of luminous intensity through sophisticated electronics and all of this packed into an impressive design.
MODUL RAZZOR as a suspended lighting fixture with a full LED solution and with its Direct / indirect characteristics is ideal for office spaces.

SEELLER by OMS ELITE - Vertical illumination in clean lines

SEELLER with a revolutionary design was created in compliance with the slogan "simplicity, cleanliness, functionality". The customer selects between the symmetric and asymmetric reflector and chooses from two correlated color temperatures. On demand the lighting fixture can be equipped with a module with a high color rendering index. SEELLER is determined for a suspended, ceiling-surfaced track lighting system as a built-in downlight that can be ejected. It is implemented especially when illuminating vertical exhibition surfaces, e.g. shelves and racks.

SAIPH - LED luminaire by OMS ADVANCE

One of the most efficient LED lighting fixture for office application

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