LQS Composer

LQS Composer is a unique computer tool that adds a new dimension to the LQS methodology. This is meant literally: this superstructure allows 3D modelling of luminaires and lighting solutions. The intuitive user interface and attractive visuals the LQS Composer will not be just a useful tool in your work arsenal. The time spent with LQS composer will be entertaining, too.

Every luminaire and lighting solution is evaluated by over twenty quantitative criteria. The criteria are ranked with LQS Value units. As a result LQS Index is calculated, defining the lighting quality. The higher the LQS Index, the better the lighting device or solution.

The demonstration shows six different environments with specific lighting solutions by OMS, providing the understanding of user value of LQS Composer. Just working with it will make understanding of LQS a second nature. Regardless of the type of interior environment that needs lighting, LQS is the best guide and help to pick out the most effective solution.


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