7.1 High brightness LED market

We can divide application of High Brightness (HB) LEDs to six different areas (Figure 7.1.1):

•    Backlight TV/monitor – LEDs are used for screen lighting
•    Mobile – LEDs are used for display lighting
•    Sign – signal devices, advertising panels
•    Lighting – such as office or industrial lighting
•    Automotive – all luminaires in cars
•    Other applications

Figure 7.1.1: HB LED market segments.


Lighting share in consumption of HB LEDs was 15% in the year 2011 (Figure 7.1.2).

Figure 7.1.2: HB LED market by application in the year 2011.


The most significant growth is expected in commercial, industrial, and architectural lighting (see Figure 7.1.5).

Figure 7.1.5: Projection of HB LED market share growth in lighting application.


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