3.4 Cooling System

Excess heat affects directly short-term and long-term LED performance.

  • Short-term: color shift and light output reduction.
  • Long-term: accelerates lumen depreciation and shortens lifetime.
LEDs on heat sinks LED luminaries with fan
LEDs on heat sinks LED luminaries with fan
1 & 2: Fan, 3: LED, 4: Light reflector


Natural and forced cooling systems are commonly used for heat dissipation.

Natural cooling system, such as heat sink, refers to technologies or design features used to cool-down the light source without power consumption.


Heat pipe  

Forced cooling system, such as fan or synthetic jet, consumes extra power in order to drive heat away thus cool-down light source.


Forced cooling heat sink

Do you know? With the same LED module, two different cooling systems are applied due to different working environments.

LED luminaire heat sink synthetic jet LEDs thermal luminaire heat sink
LED luminaire with forced cooling -
synthetic jet
LED luminaire with natural cooling -
heat sink

Left picture shows forced cooling system on the LED module which is called synthetic jet. It is a type of the jet flow which is synthesized from the ambient air.

In the left picture, there is natural cooling system on module commonly called heat sink. It is a component or assembly that transfers heat generated within LED module into the air.



3.5 Extraction of a Heat from LED

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