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A specially engineered truck equipped with the latest lighting products and technologies, staffed by a qualified team to explain the secrets of lighting? That’s what OMS’ European Lighting Tour delivers to cities across Europe. It’s not the first time OMS has impressed the lighting world and it won’t be the last.

OMS’ European Lighting Tour is on the road from May to November 2012, with a short break during the summer. The goal is to bring our philosophy and unique point of view on lighting closer to our customers. It’s not your average promotional gimmick. "This experience was designed not only to share our knowledge but to learn from our audience,” said Mr. Krška. “It’s an educational two-way street.”


Source: Luxlumina, Architectural Lighting Design TV Magazine, April 2012

The mobile exhibition will showcase the latest lighting trends, from indoor 3D projection to outdoor branding. In addition, OMS will present its new lighting quality standard which was launched in April 2012 at the Light+Building Exhibition in Frankfurt.

OMS products, projects and case studies comprise a small sample of what visitors can expect aboard OMS’ European Lighting Tour 2012.

“Each audience, comprised of carefully selected area partners, will also have the unique opportunity to test-drive OMS’ LQS Composer, a tool which helps them experience the illumination sector,” explains Michal Jančuška, lighting engineer at OMS.

The OMS European Lighting Tour starts May 21, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. During the Spring, it will visit Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. Beginning in September, the tour resumes with stops in Austria, Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland and the UK, finishing in November in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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